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Impressionist Collections

Les Petites Images | Late Elementary Impressionist Style Piano Solos by Jennifer Linn
Les Petites Images
Late Elementary Level Piano Solo
Les Petites Images is a perfect introduction to Jennifer Linn's impressionist-style collections. The seven solos in this easier set, evoke detailed images of the titles. Although written at a late-elementary level, there are quite a few “easy-sounds-hard” gems in this book that will make those younger students sound very accomplished.  
7 solos: Asteroides (Asteroids) • Hummingbird (L'oiseau-mouche) • Le fin d'hiver (Winter's End) • Le frelon furieux (The Mad Hornet) • Le grand “diese” blanc (The Great White “Sharp”) • Tonnerre sur les plaines (Thunder on the Plains) • Voiliers dans le vent (Sailboats in the Wind).

$7.99 (US)

Inventory #HL 00296664

ISBN: 9781423411390

UPC: 884088069995

Les Petites Impressions Piano Solos in Impressionist Style by Jennifer Linn
Les Petites Impressions
Intermediate Level Piano Solo
Dedicated to my mentor and Ravel Medalist John McIntyre, this collection was created to meet the need for more preparatory literature for the intermediate-level pianist that explores the unique pianistic and musical challenges of the Impressionist style.  6 Solos: The Cat and the Gnat • Evening Tide • Moonshadows on the Mountain • Butterflies in the Sunlight • A Lighthouse in the Fog • Marcella's Doll.

$7.99 (US)

Inventory #HL 00296355

ISBN: 9780634051494

UPC: 073999963557

Late Intermediate Piano Solos
This collection is slightly more advanced than Les Petites Impressions  and features five spectacular pieces composed in a modern impressionist style: Aspen Gold • Black Canyon • By the Waterfall • Emerald Lake • Midnight Prayer. 

$7.99 (US)

Inventory #HL 00296843

ISBN: 9781617742835

UPC: 884088545284

Intermediate level piano solos with a Coplandesque flavor
American Impressions
Intermediate Level Piano Solo 
Having lived in Wyoming for several years, I was inspired by the sheer beauty of the American landscape and the pionieer spirit that shaped America. The vivid sound images in each piece keep a pedagogical purpose always at hand, with the pianistic challenges providing practical techniques to prepare the intermediate to late-intermediate pianist for the beloved masterworks of Debussy, Ravel, Griffes, or Copland. Perfect material for recitals, these pieces are 3-6 pages in length. 6 Solos: Midnight Skiing • On the Horizon • Sea Breeze • Soaring • Spirit of the West • Wilderness Morning.

$7.99 (US)

Inventory #HL 00296471

ISBN: 9780634073915

UPC: 073999091458

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